Frameless Brushless

Frameless resolvers generate speed and position data for aerospace servo applications, as well as commutating brushless servomotors.
Housed Brushless

The ideal mate for brushless servo-motors, brushless resolvers use a rotary transformer to pass the reference signal to the rotor, eliminating components that can limit life and cause noise.
Heavy Duty Resolvers

Heavy duty housed resolver provides a very tough package to withstand extreme abuse. Made of aluminum and steel and capable of measuring rotary motion with the accuracy of many delicate encoders.
Able to withstand the most challenging environments, API Delevan Resolvers can operate at temperatures that exceed 220°C, and have unmatched mechanical shock and vibration specs. Designed with durability and performance in mind, they are guaranteed to reduce failure rates and extend life.
API Delevan announces the addition of “Resolver Overview” to our expansive Resolver Technical Resource Library. API Delevan continues to develop informative books and white papers as part of our leading technical and design support for engineers. Visit our Technical Resources page for additional technical literature offerings.

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