Able to withstand the most challenging environments, API Delevan Resolvers can operate at temperatures that exceed 200°C, and have unmatched mechanical shock and vibration specs. Designed with durability and performance in mind, API Delevan Resolvers are guaranteed to reduce failure rates and extend life. Because of its simple transformer design and lack of any on board electronics, the resolver is a much more rugged device than most any other feedback device, and is the best choice for those applications where reliable performance is required in those high temperature, high shock and vibration, radiation and contamination environments, which makes the resolver the sensible design alternative for shaft angle encoding.  As the most durable and rugged feedback option, API Delevan Resolvers are the perfect choice for applications that operate in conditions involving extreme temperature, high shock and vibration, and dirty environments.
Frameless Brushless Resolvers

API Delevan's frameless resolvers generate speed and position data for aerospace servo applications, as well as commutating brushless servo motors. The frameless construction simplifies mounting mechanics because the rotor mounts directly onto the motor shaft and the stator housing mounts directly onto the motor end bell.

Frame Sizes: 8, 10, 11, 15, 21, 31, 55 and Specials
Multiple Speeds
Radiation Hardened
Stainless Steel Housing
Flux Shielding Technology
Exceeds 200ºC Temperature Range
Housed Brushless Resolvers

The ideal mate for brushless servomotors, brushless resolvers use a rotary transformer to pass the reference signal to the rotor, eliminating components that can limit life and cause noise. Housed brushless resolvers offer excellent accuracy and repeatability.

Up to 125°C Temperature Range
Radiation Hardened
Short Mounting Depth for Easy Mounting
Heavy Duty Resolvers

API Delevan's heavy duty housed resolver provides a very tough package to withstand extreme abuse. Made of aluminum and steel with high integrity seals, they are capable of measuring rotary motion with the accuracy of many delicate encoders.

Rugged Housing with IP65 Rating
Spaced Bearings for up to 10x the Life of Traditional Duplex Bearings
Withstands 200g Shock and 40g Vibration
Application / Industries:

Aerospace & Defense, High Lift, Spoiler and Horizontal Stabilizer, Motor Commutation, Guidance and Navigation, Cockpit Controls, Control Surface Feedback, Electro-Optic and Radar, Nosewheel Feedback, Target Acquisition Systems, Gun Trunnions, Forward-Looking-Infra-Red (FLIR) Systems, Electro-Optical Systems, Radar Systems, Missile Seekers

Downhole Oil & Gas, Well Drilling, Formation Evaluation, Well Intervention, Oil and Gas Production

Medical, Medical Instrumentation, Medical Imaging

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